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1932 Stutz Boattail Speedster

1932 Stutz Model DV-32
Boattail Speedster

1932 factory price: $5,895
current value: $150,000+
wheelbase: 134.5"
engine: DV-32 Straight 8, double valve, 32 valves w/ DOHC (2 overhead camshafts) 156 hp rating
transmission: 3 speed manual
manufactured: Indianapolis, Indiana
The Stutz Motorcar Company manufactured automobiles from 1911 to 1935. This 1932 model is designated a boattail speedster because the curvaceous rear body design is reminiscent of a sleek speedboat.

This car features two front driving lights that turn with the front wheels. The engine is a straight 8 with four valves per cylinder (2 intake & 2 exhaust) and hemispherical (Hemi head) combustion chambers.

With a factory guaranteed 100+ mph top speed, this sporty automobile was coveted by many Hollywood playboys.

Vehicle on loan courtesy of the LeMay Collection of Tacoma, WA

The 'boat tail' An interior view An upclose shot of the spare and clamp-on mirror The glittering hood ornament Head-on view

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